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Bobbi - posted on 01/07/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




my daughters first birthday is coming up,im super excited and i want it do be nice..i have never done a bday party before and i have the basics worked,cake ect. but is there little stuff that is over looked or little things i should know,any advice or tips is very appreciated


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Kristina - posted on 01/07/2016




We just got the whole family together and celebrated. She doesn't remember it anymore, but I understand that your daughter's 1st birthday is a very special and happy
day! My only advice would be:

Do something that the child is interested in or is entertained by. For example:
My daughter loves the movie Frozen, so we set up a bunch of Frozen themed things.

Invite close friends and family. Obviously your friends & family would like to see her growing up.

I hope this helps and she has a very happy birthday!!!

Ev - posted on 01/07/2016




Just do a nice family gathering with cake and food etc. Making a big deal out of the first birthday is more for the parents and family than the child who will not remember it, who was there and who got them what.

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