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My son is in 10th grade. Since 7th grade he has struggled academically. It started with Algebra and an impatient teacher then his self-esteem started to be effected. He stopped participating in class and doing homework so he would fall behind and as a result get bad grades. It hasn't helped that every year more than half the teachers tell him he's not going to graduate. I even had a teacher last year tell him that she wanted him to drop her class because he doesn't need it because he won't be attending a four year college. I once again emailed all his teachers to see how he's doing because the online program the school uses isn't up to date and one of the teachers stated that my son might befit from special services. I asked him to call me and I've had no response. I spoke to the counselor today to get more information which he referenced it as IEP Dependent Education Program. He simply stated the IEP is a lengthily process. I told him I need more information on how that teacher is determining this, so we set-up a teacher parent conference with all his teachers but it isn't until next week. In the mean time I have done a lot of research and everything I come across talks about kids being diagnosed with this is typically in elementary school age children and that for a kid to qualify that have to be registered before the age of 16. Which leads me to have a mix of emotions because I have pushed for years for the schools and teachers to help me and they all told me he is fully capable and that he has to want it more than I do, he has to be responsible for his education. Yet the school and teachers are not doing their jobs to make sure kids like mine aren't falling behind instead they keep pushing them through the school system. I'm at a loss on how to handle this. If anyone has any suggestion's, I'm all ears.


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Well, and IEP is an Individualized Education Plan. They can be used for students with developmental disabilities, medical problems, learning disabilities. Generally, it will involve a doctor's diagnosis of the condition, and then you and the school will work towards a plan to address your child's needs.

Has your child been diagnosed with anything that would indicate that he needs an IEP? Or would he just benefit from some extra attention paid to his trouble subjects, perhaps in the form of an after school situation or a tutor?

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