if anyone has any tips feel free to reply

Rebeca - posted on 04/24/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




my son wakes up a lot during the night cuz he knows he is in his crib and not in bed with me. I want to break him of this habbit but im so tired at night from gettting up to feed him. He's 11 months old and i dont want him to sleep with me forever i dont beleive its good for him or me but im having the hardest time tryna get him used to it. If anyone has any advice on this please let me know:)


Constance - posted on 04/30/2011




He may be 11 monthes old but just letting him cry it out is just tramatic for him. He is use to the closeness he has with you can start by setting up a bed right next to your bed. I mean right up against your bed. Then he won't technically be in your bed but he will feel like he is. After a couple nights start moving it away from your bed.Do that every couple of nights. When you can get him across the room. Then move him into his own room. Just like Ink Ette said, you may have some long nights for couple of days with your arm throughh the railing but this will be the least tramatic for both of you. Also if he waking up for a bottle of milk that is ok. Sometimes it is what they need. I don't know about you but I like to sleep. But be patient and he will transition to his crib.


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Dana - posted on 04/30/2011




I would slowly wean him off his night feeds, once you do that he'll start sleeping through the night.

I personally am not a fan of letting them "cry it out". If you take the time and have patience you can reach your goal without letting them cry to sleep.

Neva - posted on 04/30/2011




At 11 months, your son does not need to eat during the night. Everyone, adults included, go through lighter stages of sleep during the night. Some babies start to cry, if the parent goes to the child immediately when he starts to make noise and feeds him, then his body clock will be set to wake up at those times. My suggestion would be to not go to him immediately when you hear him fuss. Let him fuss and see if he won't put himself to sleep. Only go to him if he is fully awake and crying really hard. Then simple go lay him back down, pat his back, but don't turn on the light, talk to him or feed him. If you allow him to sleep with you, neither of you will really get a good nights sleep either. Don't put him to bed fully asleep either. If you rock him, put him down just before he falls asleep so that he learns that he can put himself to sleep without being rocked or having a bottle in his mouth (which is really bad for his teeth, too and causes more ear infections). So, you let him fuss, even if it goes on for a long time, until he is fully awake and screaming. If he goes to sleep with just fussing good for him and for you. When he is screaming, go to him, lay him back down, pat his back and wait to go back again until he is again screaming. Be prepared for one or two sleepless nights because new habits aren't learned over night, but he will eventually get used to the idea that nighttime is for sleeping not eating or playing.

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I most definately sympathize with that! I had a hard time with my daughter too. I found that making sure she was in her crib to sleep for each naptime during the day was a good start. It was easier to walk away and busy myself with other household stuff, than to lie in bed and listen to her cry! Could you sleep with one of his blankets so it smells like you, and then put it in the crib?

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Maybe if you switched that bottle of milk in the middle of the night to a bottle of water....he might get the idea that we don't get good stuff during the night, don't bother.
Bless your heart...I remember the days of sleeping in a pile beside the crib with one arm through the bars...my head rested on the bars. I can totally feel you here. :(

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At 11 months, he shouldn't really be getting up to feed. Take a look at the Ferber method of sleep training. You will first have to wean him off of night feeds - he will switch the calories to the day time. Then you will just have to let him cry it out. Ferber says to go in a increasing intervals to reassure the kid, but in my experience, this really prolongs things. You will have to have a few nights of staring at the clock and waiting for him to settle down on his own. But he will eventually get the picture and calm down without the theatrics. Good luck!

Rebeca - posted on 04/24/2011




i rock him to sleep and then put him in his crib...when he wakes up he just stands up against the railings and cries in the direction of the door and then ill rock him back to sleep with some milk and try to put him back into the crib but he usually wont let me put him back into the crib after that

Barb - posted on 04/24/2011




Is he getting out of his crib on his own and crawling into your bed?

How do you put him to bed at night?

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