if i have primary custody and hes trying to prove physical neglect can he take her to the docter without my concent?

Denise - posted on 12/05/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




He has only been interested in our daughter for the last year and a half . He doesnt want to pay child support at all . And his wife wants my daughter as her own . so they are trying to prove medical neglect because shes skinny like his mother . as well as school neglect she has a learning disability . can he just make an appointment and take her to the docter whenever he feels like it . and one other thing we were told not to take her to a shrink . but he schedualed an appointment for her anyhow what happens if he still takes her ? thank you :)


Ashley - posted on 12/05/2012




who told you not to take her to a shrink? i dont think a judge would make a court order for that. is there a certain reason you dont want him taking her to a doctor? and yes, if he has any custody at all, even visitation, he has the right to take her to the doctor, and he has the right to get any medical records she has ever had.


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Jacinta - posted on 12/05/2012




If he takes her to the doctor on one of his days then yes legally he can take her.If she isn't neglected he will have no proof because the doctors will find something lots of children are skinny I'm skinny but I haven't been neglected,I'm sure he will give her a full medical check and she will be fine.

Also who said that you shouldnt take her to a shrink? If it was a judge or something than no he cannot if not other than that unless there is some other agreement between you something on

Apes saying he can't than I do know about again he can take her on one of his days.

Shirks will know if she has a mental disability that's affecting her and they will rule anything else out if that's what it is.doctors and shriks are highly skilled trained professionals and if your daughter isn't being neglected than all will be well and they will know.

As for her step mum trading to take your place your daughter will always know she only has one mommy and that is you.

Good luck,wish you all the best.

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