if it is safe for my baby use walker


Jodi - posted on 01/08/2015




Baby walkers are not recommended for two reasons. In fact, some countries have gone so far as to BAN them for sale.

Firstly, they can be unsafe as they give baby a lot more freedom of movement than a child this age is generally allowed, and can cause problems in kitchens, on stairs, and so on. It also gives baby access to many areas of your home that normally wouldn't be available (think hot pans on stoves, kitchen cupboards with glassware, reaching the TV, and so on) at an age when they are cognitively not really ready for the discipline required to manage those situations.

Secondly, from a developmental perspective, your baby is not at an age where they are meant to be walking. Before a child walks, they need the physical development that is involved in learning to roll over, sit and crawl, all things that prepare them to pull themselves up and walk one day. If your baby is in a walker, not only is he not getting the chance to develop the muscles, limbs and skills to do these things, but he is also developing habits, muscles and limbs that could essentially DELAY his development. Research has shown that the delay is not enormous, but there is still evidence of some delays in physical development in children who use walkers.

Overall, there are no real benefits in purchasing a baby walker for your baby. If it is purely for entertainment value, consider purchasing a stationary play centre.


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