If it isn't a diaper rash I'm not sure what it is and the doctors isn't taking it serious

Leesa - posted on 05/03/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Okay this is May 3rd and my son has had this so called diaper rash since December. I have brought it up to the doctor on more than one occasion and she just keeps giving me a cream to use. But whatever this thing is, it isn't going away. I don't know what it could be or what I should do. I live off of $142 a month and waiting to go to court for child support so I don't have a lot of money to buy a bunch of stuff to "see if it works". Does anyone have any ideas?


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Cecilia - posted on 05/04/2013




I have to agree that you might want to fine a new doctor. I don't know if the cream the doctor gave you was for yeast, if not get some. Google pictures online too and a yeast rash looks a little different than diaper rash.

I don't know how old he is but maybe try not having a diaper on him to help it dry out. If he is really little just lay him on a waterproof mat ( if you don't have one a towel will work) If he is 18 months + feel free to use underpants.

Also, I did find that one of my children got a rash every time i put luvs on them. ( I only bought them in a crunch when i couldn't afford pampers) So maybe try changing brands and see if it helps since different brands use different products.

Michelle - posted on 05/04/2013




Have you tried a thrush treatment? My daughter had what looked like a nappy rash that wouldn't go away but as soon as I used the yeast infection cream it worked. I use the same one I need when I have thrush.

Linda - posted on 05/03/2013




I have had success with baking soda in the bath tub. If you put cream on you should rub it in so it will dry it out. Powder also might help to dry it out, but I have never used powder, So I am not sure about that. It sounds to me like you need to find a new doctor that will listen to you and get to the bottom of the problem. Your doctor should be there to help you, listen to you, and guide you. If your doctor isn't helping or listening you should find someone that will!!!

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