If methadone is the best senario for baby and mom during pregnancy then why does the hospital staff call DCF after the delivery?

Heather - posted on 02/06/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I just found out I'm pregnant and people that I speak with keep telling me that I will have a case opened at the hospital with child protective services directly after delivery for being on methadone. Since the first couple people telling me I have asked several others and they ,all but one , said they did experience this with their babies. This is crazy to me that they have anything to do with each other. I would greatly appreciate any feedback anyone could give me regarding this matter.


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Christine - posted on 04/02/2015




I had my baby Monday night at 6:30...still at hospital now....my baby is having some symptoms of NAS, and the nurses here make me feel like a worthless piece of sh!&....they said it would be easier to wean a baby off of heroine or norco rather than methadone....a social worker came in the first day I had my baby with "questions"...this is the worst I've felt in my life....I know methadone users say "stay on dose....go up on dose...." But knowing what I know now, I would have decreased from the get go slowly.....even if that meant subbing with norco to to so....and the last 12 weeks of pregnancy the baby gets more of your dose because the placenta is more viable so upping the dose will be transferred to the baby..I wouldn't even have told the hospital that I ever had a problem in the past....especially if I Could have gotten off of it within 2 weeks of delivery....its a nightmare I cannot wake up from.....and my dose was down to 20mg...(10am, 10pm). .....just think long and hard about what you want your baby to go through and the judgment by all of the "perfect" nurses who apparently have never in their lives made any mistakes........I wish I had a time machine and could have read this post to myself and I would have done things completely differently😢😢good luck , I hope you have an easy go😌😌

Raye - posted on 02/06/2015




I agree with Shawnn. They will do an investigation to make sure you're following the prescribed program and staying clean. I had a friend on methadone, and she was still "self medicating" so to speak, and had to restart the program a couple times. Keep doing what you should be doing to have a healthy baby, and to take care of it after it's born. You'll be okay.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/06/2015




Because if you're on methadone, you have an addiction issue that you're getting over, which is going to affect the baby, if you were still ingesting whatever you were addicted to after you became pregnant.

Yes, they will most likely have some involvement.

Good luck on getting and staying clean. It's a GOOD thing that you are on methadone now, you ARE doing the right thing.

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