If my babu has his dads last name, Does that give his dad more rights?

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Help with babys last name. my babys father (sperm donor) since i was 4 months pregnant, decided he didnt want anything to do with my baby. his parents and sister on the other hand has been there as much as they can. im now 38 weeks :) 2 more to go. and i do plan on most likely going threw a custody battle just in case he decides after i have the baby to fight for him. he already has a daughter and this will be his first son and his parents first grandson. so i dont want to take away the privalage of passing on their name .. not for the father of my baby but for the family. cause its not their fault he makes these choices. does anyone know the law? and how it works. my dad thinks if i give the baby their last name. his father has a better chance of taking him? is this true? i need help. this is my first baby and i wouldnt want to lose him :( all because of his last name


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My first question to you is this, why are you concerned about the family and the baby having their name? Since the two of you are not married his family should hold no expectations of having any say. Saying it isn't their fault that he makes these choices sounds like you are putting them ahead of your own needs. Start thinking about yourself and your child only in all considerations. The family of this man may be nice to you but they are not family. They will choose him, he is family, in all future decisions, it is only natural. You are therefor setting yourself up to be disappointed by them as well as their son. They may be very nice to you and care for you but that doesn't change the fact that you are entitled to make all choices for you and your son, now and in the future.

Legally in most states, if not all, the father has to be present to sign the birth certificate, you can not sign his name as the father. Without the father's signature you can only give your son your last name legally. In addition. If the father doesn't sign the birth certificate he has no rights to the child. You can share the baby with his family without him being involved or attempting to take him from you later.

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