If my husband family has a history of nothing but boys, what is my chance ill have a girl?


Louise - posted on 07/22/2012




The sex of your child depends on how soon you have sex after ovulation. If you have sex before ovulation then it is normally a girl. If you use those ovulation kits its a boy. The reason for this is sperm lives for 5 days and boys swim faster than girls. So if you have sex a couple of days before ovulation the girl eggs are at the front of the queue as the boy sperm have already got there and perished, whereas the girls are just arriving! If you have sex on ovulation the boys get there first!

Don't hold me to this though as there is always room for error! lol But I wanted a girl and used this method and hey presto here she is!

Elfrieda - posted on 07/22/2012




Often these things do seem to run in families. I have one aunt & uncle with 5 boys, and the other has 5 girls. My dad has 5 brothers, and now all their kids (with only 3 exceptions) are girls. But there's a pretty even split in girls/boys in my and my cousin's families, so I guess the one-gender streaks are over. :) A family in my church had an insane number of kids, 14 I think, all of whom were boys. Now they almost all have a few kids each and they're also all boys, with one very doted-on little girl in the mix.

I don't have any idea how it'll play out for you, though. I think as far as anyone knows it's a 50-50 chance each time. You could try Louise's method if you know when you ovulate. I only ever know after the fact, but I predicted I'd have a boy because we did the deed right on that day and yes, I have a son.

Michelle - posted on 07/22/2012




In my family you only get a girl if it is an opps, I planned my first got a boy, was done and not wanting anymore and opps low an behold she was a girl.


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Dove - posted on 07/21/2012




My daughter was the first girl on his side of the family in a long time (one aunt vs. 4 uncles, all male cousins... about a dozen of them), so.... who knows? :)

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