if my sons spurm donor has had no contact for 8 yrs can my husband of 6yrs and been in my sons life since he was 4 months old adopt my son in the uk ?


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thanks for this, really has helped we also have three children together so 4 in total and if worse did happen id like to think that they could all stay together. once again thanks x

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i don't know the laws of the uk. But, i do know that if a biological father has a child and a step father is in the picture, the step father can adopt the child, as long as the biological father signs his rights over.
In my opinion if a father doesn't have anything to do with his child, he diffently isn't a father of course and if another man (stepdad) is in the picture and loves that child too and wants to adopt that child, that's great to a certain exstent.
The reason I say this is because, my sister had children by her first husband that eventually didn't want a thing to do with his kids and they felt abandoned by him. My sister remarried and then the step dad wanted to adopt the kids as his own. It didn't happened though. My sister and the stepdad eventually after years and years of marriage, they separated. If he would have adopted them, then there could have been a custody battle. My sister did have a son with the stepdad and he went after their son. He wrongly accused my sister of things in the court room and lost her son. She still had her 2 daughters, who he couldn't take because they weren't his.
I'm not saying this could happened to you. Your husband may love your child like no other. But if you would separate, he has the chance to go after custody and you could have the chance of loosing your child. At least you know the biological father cannot take your child, for he hasn't been there at all.
I hope the best for you. But, I do believe you have to have the biological fathers signed name to futher go adoption ( he has to sign all rights over), even though he isn't in the picture.

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