if somebody tells me if I am right or wrong. My mum brought up me my sister and brother alone after breakup with my dad. As we were not in uk that time and were very poor, no help from government like in uk. My dad left the country and settled in USA never support my mum, financially and not even check how we were. As I said we were not in uk and my mum has no other support from family to file a complain against my dad on the issue for money for children and to nothing from the govt. as you can imagine it was very hard for my mother to bring up three children and work also to for the basic needs. I can still remember she works very late and very hard, most of the time we stayed alone in the house because of that my brother was the elder one but he started going out with bad friends and end with drug addiction, my mother was helpless she could not leave the work tonbridge go after him and also it was no benefit as he was heavily addicted in few years, I have seen lots of fighting at home because of him he also become aggressive most of the times and hit my mother. The situation at home was next tonbridge he'll at our house but I would not say much now because my brother passed away z3years ago giving my mother such a big grieve, he died because of drug overdose. This was not end of the problem for my mum i find my selfguilty as well as i started to see a boynext door who was uneducated and have no family but i was attached to him and things gone deeper and we got married against my mother wish. as i was only 21 that time and that could not understand what my mum was trying to explain me. my younger sister did the same thing and she did the love marriage as well against my mother wish i wants to stop my sister as well but i could not as i did the same and have no legs to stand on. sonia all I want tonbridge say my mother has only seen the problems and hard time as much any body can bear. I am married now for 20 yrs and would not say that my husband s bad he is very good husband and we have two children,he does work and also help me at home I would rather say he do most of the housework but There is only one s sue which is not resolved for 20 yrs is he does not like my mother. My brother died 3yr ago and since then I need to look after my mum only with money as we are not in same country but my husband fight too much about this. I could not understand why he cannot understand that I am the only one can look after my mother now and she been gone through too much that is why I really do not want tonbridge give more trouble to mum now, there is no way he understand we had big fights sometime but nothing resolved, I try every way tonbridge deal this issue ,with love, patience and argument but nothing is working. I like my husband otherwise I can say he god husband and father but just this behaviour is too much, I don't know what to do sometime I have tonbridge say that we I need divorce only because of my mother issue and he is s so dominant and strong and I feel I will not be able to change his views. I always think as my husband did not had any parent he would understand the value of mother but I was wrong it is opposite she things my mum is a burden and we should not help her at all., but I ave seen all the bad days in my family and could not forget those days and my husband knows everything but still very rude to mu mum. Is there any thing or anywhere I can get help from. But after all my story I want to know am I wrong tonbridge support my mum as I know there is no body to help her and all she seen problems in life nothing else, since my brother died my mum was very depressed and I wants to make her happy so we bring her with us for few days but I was completely wrong as my husband would not have her home at all even though it was decided before with him. I do have big fights at home which honestly I would liketo avoid for the children and some times feel I should leave my mum but actually I do love my husband sonia have no courage tonbridge break my family but on the other hand could not see my mum living in poor conditions without me helping her. Thanks any advise will be welcome.


Sonia - posted on 11/25/2012




sorry ther are some auto fill words which I can not edit they are tonbridge ,which means to and sonia which means so, thanks

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