If the father and i are not previous working or haven't held a job before. And my child and i are living with my parents and i'm trying to apply for my own apartment but we both father and i have no type of income. Who has to write a income verification letter of who is stating how much they are giving for our child. For instant can i at least put that both side of the family is helping support the child. Also however if i do get the apartment in case some of you are thinking i do have both sides of the family that is going to help us provide.


Jodi - posted on 09/05/2013




Well, first I'd be asking why neither of you are working? Who do you expect to pay for your child? If you want an apartment and to be living like an adult, then it is time someone stepped up and acted like one.


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Kim - posted on 09/05/2013




I have to agre with Jodi. And I am not sure if you are asking a question or just sharing?

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