If the father asks for paternity test for child support (FL)

Amanda - posted on 05/19/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I filed for child support and all 3 of my kids have the same father but we were never married, just together for 7 years. He didn't sign the birth certificates for 2 of them because I went to Ohio to have them because FL has horrible hospitals and I went into labor early so he couldn't get time off work at the times I was in the hospital to travel up there, the one kid that he did sign the birth certificate for at the hospital the notary did not put him on it claiming that he didn't present a valid ID, and we never got around to doing the paternity affidavits. So now we're separated, I filed cs and now he's saying that he wants to get DNA tests for kids that he knows are his just to mak it drag out longer being that it takes time to get a paternity test scheduled, over a month to get back the results and then over another month or two to get another court date, making me wait more months to get a child support order. So my question is if he asks for a DNA then will he owe back pay for the months waited after he asks for the paternity tests?


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It depends on what the judge decrees, and whether or not there is shared custody.

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