If you WERE a single teen mom & now have a lot going for you...

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If you were a single teen mom, and now much older and successful, I just wanted to ask how you got by as a single teen mom? What did you do with college, how did you afford your baby's needs, and what kind of help did you get? Reply with answers please! This is stuff I'm going through in my everyday life, and I need some advice.


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Hi there, to get by as a single teen mom, I worked my ass off ;) Lol, I worked until my son was 4, I had subsidized daycare so that I could work full time. When he turned 4, he broke his leg, I was 21 at the time, and the daycare would not take him with the broken leg, I had to leave my job. When I did this I went on assistance, something I thought I would never do. However, not only did they take care of my living expenses, they also sent me back to school, covered my childs daycare cost, and my transportation fees. Once I completed HS ( I had my son at 17 - went straight to work) at 23 years old, they then sent me to college, fully paid for. All while still paying to have my son in daycare, along with my apartment and living expenses, and health coverage for the two of us. They also started court proceedings to ensure I would recieve child support, once again fully paid for. Once I completed college, they helped me find work, kept my son in daycare while I got established and continued to give me health coverage until I was able to get my own.

If you use the system the way it's meant to be, it can make drastic changes in your life.

I'm no longer working right now, as I'm pregnant and a stay at home mom, but I am a certified bookkeeper, proud of my past and extremally involved in community outreach programs, volunteering with the food bank and low income centers. I can't believe how intimidated I was to take ahold of these programs, but looking back it was the best decision I have ever made for my family. Yes, it was a tough couple of years.. but god was it worth it, and I am sooooo greatful for my outcome.

Good luck to you - I know this isn't everyones first choice, but if you use the system the way it's meant - its amazing where a couple of years can get you, and this is how I thrived being a young mom :)

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