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HI IM 20 years of age! I've been on bs since I was about 16! I started on the pill , moved of to depo for a year , then did the patch for about 4 months which I ended all forms of BC SUMMER OF 2013 ! So I didn't have a period since that summer! I just had me first period in months January 26 and it went off around the 31 and came back on around Febuary 6 and is still on but is lightening and today is the 11th! My boyfriend and I are trying to get pregnant so we had sex the end of December a COUPPLE times and right before my period can on around January 28th and then again Febuary 3rd! And every time unprotected! I've taken like 10 HPT about 3 were very very very very very very faint and went away after a while, the rest arid negative! WHAT SHOULD I DO , WE WANT THIS BABY SO BAD!!!!!!


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If you have been on some sort of birth control since the age of 16 and just got off of it in the summer, it could take a year before your body is ready to actually become pregnant. For some it happens sooner. The more you concentrate on the whole idea the longer it will take. I would not focus so hard on it.

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