Ignored on Mother's Day

Lonely - posted on 05/09/2015 ( 8 moms have responded )




It's been mother's day in my part of the world for a few hours. I remember growing up with the joyful anticipation of the second Sunday in May as my sisters, brothers, and I planned for Mother's Day to be as special as we could afford it.

My children are now 13, 16, and 18 (all boys). From their toddler years to ages 10 I "trained" them remember others on special occasions. However, the past 3 years I have been miserable on Mother's Day because my children do nothing to acknowledge me. I feel neglected, abandoned, and unappreciated.


Gertrude - posted on 05/11/2015




Hello Dear,
I have been in your exact situation before, 20 years ago, and in Russia! You are not alone.. My children eventually remembered their old mama - only when they remembered their manners! Boys and Girls will be Boys and Girls, treat yourself to something great! :)

Jodi - posted on 05/09/2015




I agree with Michelle. Remind them or they will kind of get wrapped up in their own world. My oldest is almost 18 and if it weren't for my husband making sure he remembered, he'd have gone off to his football all day and not bothered. It isn't that he doesn't respect me or appreciate me, it's just boys being boys. Do you know that in general, men have a tendency to forget things like anniversaries too.....I think we take these things much more to heart than they do.

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Do you remind them before the day?
I have to keep telling my kids for a week before, just so they remember. No big deal but boys tend to only think of themselves.
I don't have a problem telling them I want breakfast in bed though.


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Its true women value holidays and special days more than men, or boys. Like in my case...we have 6 children. 3 boys 3 girls. Boys ages are 5, 22,24. Girls are 19 mth twins and 10 yrs ol though I arranged a family get together at our house for mothers day one week ahead of time...the only actual card or small gift I received was from my 10 yrs old daughter and my step daughters' Mom. No card or even a $2 gift from hubby, mother, mom in law, sons, or anyone else. I on the other hand got a gift and card for my mom, mom in law, and step daughters' mom. I just chalk it up as In lucky to spend time with all of them and it means more than any gift.

Terena - posted on 05/10/2015




You are Blessed to have healthy Children, and Im sure youre a wonderful Mom.. The key here is they are still young, regardless of what we teach them or how you might "remind" them , maybe they dont completely understand how Important is is to you! We can tell our kids kids how we feel but sometimes its internal and they might have to process in their own time before completely grasping it. ( Someday..They might be blessed with children of their own and become more aware of a Moms special Love ) Just a thought... I dont usually Blog im kinda new to this,,, and feeling lonely too , my 2 girls are grown and gone ..
So I hope you take this day to SPOIL YOURSELF ... Treat yourself to a Day out! : )

Have a happy Mothers day!!

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