Im 14 weeks pregnant and need advice with boyfriend issues

Lyndha - posted on 06/07/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




im currently 14 weeks pregnant and ive been noticing my boyfriend which i live with very distant. he acts like a jerk at times, i know some people might say that its hormones acting up because i get very jealouse.. but i get a gut feeling every time he tells me has to stay late at work.. at times when i check his cell phone he has all his messages erased and i have confronted him and the only thing he says is that why do i search his phone.. that no one should invade anyones privacy.. but then my gut instinct comes in.. i dont know if it relly is the hormones or its the truth coming out and i dont want to see it.. need advice!!


Jodi - posted on 06/07/2016




Clearly there are trust issues in your relationship - has he ever given you reason not to trust him? He's right, you shouldn't be searching his phone. I'd never even dream of bothering to check messages on my husband's phone - it IS an invasion of privacy (even if you don't hide things from each other, it is part of your private space) and I'd be upset if he felt the need to pry around on my phone, not because I have anything to hide but because I think it shows a basic lack of trust and lack of respect.


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Michelle - posted on 06/07/2016




I agree with the other ladies that you have some big trust issues.
If you have a reason to think he is cheating then you need to talk to him about it. Let him know how him working late is making you feel. He mat actually be working late to be able to pay the bills though.
He probably erases the messages because he knows you are going to snoop in his phone. I have never checked my husband's phone and he has never checked mine. We trust each other completely though.
Maybe you should look into couples counseling to help build the trust.

Molly - posted on 06/07/2016




i too, am surprised as well that you need to check his phone-- in a million years i'd never look at derek's phone without his consent. but i also know if he came home today and i asked to see it, he'd pull it from his pocket and hand it to me. as i would hand my phone to him. derek is more protective of me than anything.. i am 17 weeks and while i have not felt especially pretty or attractive, i have not felt jealous.

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