im 16 and pregnant and want to leave

Diamond Renae - posted on 05/14/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Im 16 and pregnant and want to leave for a couple of reasons. 1: my mom doesn't want my boyfriend in our daughters life when she enters this world. 2: she doesn't want him in the delivery room. Do she have the rights to do that or is it up to me and the OB? 3: she's trying to take custody over our child, can she do that? 4: she constantly make horrible threats.
Im tired of going through this in its stressing me out a lot & i don't want to lose my baby. What should i do?😢😟😣😓


Jodi - posted on 05/14/2015




Okay, I am going to address your concerns as follows:

1. Mum doesn't get to dictate who is in your daughter's life. Dad actually has rights, and can go to court to get visitation of his daughter, and there isn't a damn thing your mother can do about it.

2. You can have anyone in your delivery room you choose.....and on the flipside, you can also choose to have people removed from the delivery room if they are causing you distress. Including your mother.

3. Your mother can't take over custody of your child unless you hand it over, or unless she can prove you unfit.

4. What kind of horrible threats?

I can understand why you want to leave. This kind of stress isn't good for you right now, and your mother is being overbearing and controlling. But she is doing this because she is concerned for you. Can I suggest you talk to your doctor about possibly finding a good relationship counsellor who can help mediate a discussion about these issues between you and your mother? Alternatively, do you have anywhere to go, and can you actually afford to leave?


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Ledia - posted on 05/15/2015




Unless you voluntarily give up custody of your child to your mother, she has no right to decide who will or will not be in the child's life. She may invoke consequences against you for keeping people in your life that she does not agree with, like not visiting and such, but legally she cannot keep him out of his child's life. She CAN keep him out of her own life, meaning if you live with her, she does have the right to decide who is allowed in her home, so she can make it difficult for you to spend time with him until you are well enough to drive.

Only you and your OB get to decide who goes into the delivery room. You may have to choose between her and the father if she refuses to cooperate during the delivery.

Unless she can PROVE that you may be a danger to your child's safety or are an unfit parent, she cannot get legal custody of your child.

I am assuming that because you are only 16 years old, you live in her home, and that really isn't a good arrangement once you have a child. You need to work on getting your own place to live before your baby is born.

Diamond Renae - posted on 05/15/2015




@Jodi Thank you very much because i was really concerned, but some of the threats she was saying she was going to give me up to the state, she was going to kill my BF & his family different things like that. Also, yes i do have some where to go, my BF family is behind me 100% they all want me to live with them. All my BF wants to do is be able to be in his childs life and do for her. Furthermore, im about to start working so i can save to get me a house or a nice apartment, and he's already 17 and working and is older enough to be able to get us an apartment or house.

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