im 16 & my mother and father dont live with me i stay with my boyfriend and his friends . what should i do i need help i have no money and no one to support me . i want to keep my baby


Jessica - posted on 02/04/2013




I don't know the situation with you and your parents, but would it be so bad to find a way to live with them again? If there isn't, then you need to buck up and pull yourself together. Many cities and towns have shelters specifically for women in need. You need to find a job and start building a wonderful life for you and your child. If your boyfriend is not supporting you in any way, then ditch him. If he's the father of your child, then you need to get the ball rolling for child support. You're much stronger than you realize. Dig down deep and do what you need to do for your child.


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Charlee Renee - posted on 02/07/2013




My father he wants to send me to a military acadamy and my mom lives in hawaii. yes my bd is very supported but he just got on anklr for a month and on probation fpr 6 months so theres not alot he can do

Shawnteria - posted on 02/05/2013




I agree with the others but also just so you know there are plenty of ways for you to be able to support yourself and your child. The government gives alot of support for young moms such as yourself such as housing authority food stamps and 4c which provides childcare for your baby while your at work. Where do you live?? Try to find a local DCF (department of children and families) and they can help and if your unable to do that and need help you can email me at and ill try to help you get started. The best thing for you though is to get a job part time is perfect so you can have some kind of income coming in.


Jodi - posted on 02/04/2013




In addition to what the others have suggested, can I ask why your boyfriend isn't supporting you - I mean, it's his baby too, right?

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