im 16 recently gave birth to my son a month ago. my boyfriend 16 as well didnnt want to be with me.what now?

Adri - posted on 09/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




we broke up bout a month after my childs birth. during tht month my ex did not want to help me much he worked after schools and would sleep through my babies cries. he says he still loves me and has tried to show me love but i tell him not to cause were not together i am confused bout him because so much of our 2 year relationship has been faithful and good. he said i kept getting mad and i had my reasons. am i realy the one doing bad? he loves my child alot but i had to move out he ddnt want me there any more he said he was tired of me yet manipulating my mind??? why did he really leave and im doing good and over him but he was the one who wanted the baby with me


Kelsey - posted on 09/19/2013




I, personally think you did good by calling it quits. You and that baby are a package deal now. He can't just want you and then throw his child aside at whim, I'm sorry that your going through that but think in the best interest of your child. Is it better for your baby to have someone respond to his/hers needs diligently and quickly or just let him/her cry. The way I see it, the length of time that you two were together doesn't matter; he can love you all he wants, but if he's not going to step up, that's on him, not you. He can only manipulate as much as you let him; it sounds like, to me, that he doesn't want to play daddy right now. Men say they want babies all the time, they get to do the fun part of it. I think your better off. I would finish high school/get your GED and study hard. If you have family, see if they can help. Take his butt to court and get visitation and child support hashed out to protect your infant. Everything will be alright.

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