Im 16 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I dont feel pregnant anymore..

Soky - posted on 03/29/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




My stomach has gone from big to small all through-out each week. One day I would be big the next day Im back to being small. I felt the baby wiggling around in there maybe around 10weeks. Everyone says its gas but I know what i was feeling. This is my 2nd week and we felt my daughter move around 12 weeks pregnant. With my daughter I take my hands and kinda push on my belly a little bit and I could feel her kick my finger. With this baby I tried to move my hands around and NOTHING. I had really bad morning sickness with this baby too. Like all day long. The past couple weeks it went away and Im back to normal eating. So has anyone ever felt this way and you end up being fine and the baby is healthy? Im just a little worried. I wont get to see the doctors again until this Friday! So Im a little anxious.


Angela - posted on 03/29/2011




I agree, morning sickness should have gone away normally, and at 16 weeks you might not feel most of the baby's movements. I'm 21 weeks right now and some days I don't feel much movement either. I also didn't feel many movements at that point with my first. Probably everything is fine, but if you are worried call the doctors office, I'm sure they would see you if they think there might be a problem, and if they aren't worried they can at least reassure you.

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When you are only 16 weeks, the baby has a lot of room to move around, Maybe at first, he/she was facing forward and was kicking outward. Now possibly, he/she is kicking inward and you can't feel it. A lot of women's morning sickness goes away shortly before or after the 1st trimester is over. Consider your self luck on this! I had "morning sickness" that lasted all day every day for the whole time with all 4 of my kids! If you are extreemly stressed about it, call the doc. Stress isn't good for you or the baby.


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im 16 weeks with my first baby and i dont feel pregnant at all, ive had no morning sickness no cravings and no baby movments, or none that i could feel anyway. my next ultra sound is in 3 weeks and we find out the sex. im not worried just abit anxious i dont know if feeling nothibg is normal.

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I always knew from day 1 basically with both my kids, but my sister would have never of known that she was until she felt kicks at about 20 weeks if she wasnt getting a belly. So is normal for some women, but I am with you on the worrying - you can always buy those fetal monitors and check yourself when you are worried, but I think that would send someone more to the ER cause they would be worried if can't find it. My daughter barely moved and didnt feel her 1st move til about 20 weeks. Son I felt at 12 weeks, so all are different. If you are ever really worried just go into hospital. I dont know where you are from but here they will always just check if mom is too worried.

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Well, I am almost 8 months pregnant with our 3 daughter, this pregnancy has been completely different than the first 2. I also miscarried between my first two daughters so I know what that feels like too. At 16 weeks is not normal to feel consistent may go a day or 2 without feeling it. The position of hte baby can greatly affect the size of your tummy. Also, another thought I have is ..for me ..this pregnancy is most different because the placenta is anterior instead of I didn't feel regular movement from my baby until about 7 months pregnant. It is a much quieter pregnancy because there is a cushion (the placenta) between my baby and my belly.

There are various factors that can make you feel the way your are. Please know that it is normal to worry.

You will be having an ultrasound very soon 20 weeks which will let the doctor know where the placenta is and you will hear a heartbeat and feel reassured.

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Yes I've been pregnant twice and felt like that both times. My first baby was perfectly healthy. I don't know about this one yet ;) It's still cooking in there. The early stages are the worst when you can't feel them move and you feel sick and your belly isn't huge yet. Some days you feel fine then the sickness comes on again for a bit. Mine didn't go away until about 25 weeks both times. Apparently morning sickness is a good sign anyway. Try to relax and go with it you'll feel the pregnancy before you know it. Congrats by the way x

Louise - posted on 03/29/2011




At 16 weeks most morning sickness would of gone away anyway so this is nothing to worry about. As for not being able to feel the baby you have to remember that every pregnancy is different and I did not really feel my third baby move until I was 22 weeks. Don't panic if you are still concerned ring your midwife and ask them to drop by with the doppler to put your mind at rest. They really don't mind and they would sooner you rang then sat worrid for three days.

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