Im 16 with a 1 week old son Im having problems with my psychotic mother. Can i move in with my father? Or Grandmother?

Sarah - posted on 09/05/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My mother doesnt listen to me because im a child to her. She is a very sneaky woman and i dont trust her around my child alone. She boldface lies about little things and i really need help on childcare for my child for when i go back to school in 5 weeks. Can she take my child away from me? If i leave without her permission.


Dove - posted on 09/05/2012




You ARE her child... and at 16 you ARE still a child (granted, a teenaged one), but your son is YOUR child. She has no right to keep him unless she fights you in court for custody. If she keeps him from you then you can press charges against her for kidnapping... Though it's probably best if the two of you can remain on good terms as much as possible.

I 'think' you could move in with your father or grandmother at 16 and she couldn't do anything about it, but I would speak to a lawyer (or have your father or grandmother speak to a lawyer) just to make sure your mother can't pursue you as a runaway or anything.

Being a teen mom is going to be hard enough, so I hope you can go somewhere that you can receive unconditional help and support while you get your life together for your son.

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