Im 17 years old and have a month old baby is it bad that i started a relationship with another guy that isnt my baby daddy? or is it to soon?

Keely - posted on 10/20/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




my baby daddy left me when nathan was born and i was heartbroken and all but then i started talking to a guy i use to talk to before and me and him are curently together hes 17 years as well but for some reason i feel a little bit confuse because a lot of people been telling me that is to soon to be dating someone but i really like this guy he care so much about me and my baby hes very sweet and caring i need some advices help!


Amy - posted on 10/20/2012




I don't know how long you were with the guy that got you pregnant but I personally think a month after your baby's born is too soon to be dating. I would put all relationships on hold for a while and just focus on your newborn, if he feels the same way he'll be patient and wait till your ready to start dating.

Lauren - posted on 10/20/2012




Your baby has to come first no matter what. Your hormones and emotions are still settling down, so now is not the time to make big chancges like starting a relationship. Tell him how you feel, maybe suggest putting the relationship on hold for a while. If he realy cares about you and your baby he will understand or at least accept it. If he doesn't then he is not worth your time.


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Crystal - posted on 10/21/2012




I wasn't nearly as young as you, (I was 21) but after I had my daughter and her father and I broke up when she was 2 1/2, I haven't dated since. She's now 5 and it's the best decision I ever made. The bond between us is so, so strong. I wouldn't change my decision for anything. Now that she's successfully reached school, I will now consider a date in the future.

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