Im 18 and pregnant. Im on my 13th week... im so scared because the father of my child and I had broke up few months ago

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im still studying and i havent told my parents yet, he tells me to get rid of it :(


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i think that even if u wanted to get "rid of it" its to far along to do it now. when i had a surprise pregnancy with my daughter at the age of 20 when i saw the positive test my first response was to smile but then i as it began to sink in i started to cry in fear. i new that i was ment to keep it because my first response was to smile. i then told my bf i was pregnant and he wanted to keep it but then when i was about 20 weeks he started to be a idiot like he was getting cold feet he started being mean, partying alot, and hanging with girls that i no wanted him! i was so stressed finally i said ur not only hurting me but ur hurting our baby aswell so im leaving you. after i said that he finally realized what he had and begged me to stay. and the day our daughter was born he reallly really realized what he had and is so happy hes here and that why kept her. so maybe once baby is born ur ex will come around and if he doesnt then u dont need him in ur guys life anyways. I no its hard to tell ur parents but u gotta be strong and they might be mad at first but they will get over it exspecially once they see baby they will be soo in love. i was scared to tell my parents to but they were surprising supportive my inlaws as well (and my inlaws are crazy religious so we thought they would freak but they were happy) be strong! you can do this a baby is a wonder thing!

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Well you are doing the right thing ... asking questions, seeking support, getting advice from others.

18 yr old women have been having children since the dawn of time. Good that you are still in school, and you will be able to stay in school. It will be hard, but doable.

"getting rid of it" is an option and one worth thinking about. Again, seek advice from people who know and people you trust.

Adoption/open adoption is also a choice. A family member of mine choose open adoption. The adoptive parents are so amazing and we (people in our family) see this boy several times a year. We have kind of become a big extended family.

There are community resources. I am not sure where you live, but check out Planned Parenthood if it is in your area. They will help, or get you headed in the right direction.

This was not planned, so a big adjustment for any woman at any age. You might not be as alone as you fear. Maybe your parents or extended family will be a support?

You have started on a road that millions have walked before you ... so in that way, you really are not alone. It can be done, and you can do it. Whatever you choose to do, whatever is right for your life ....

good luck

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