Im 21 years old with 3 kids!!!!!

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Im 21 years old with 3 daughters ages 4 almost 3 and 6 months. lets just say im way overwhelmed... we just moved to las vegas from Idaho so we could start over and try to live a better life for us and our children. I work a fulltime job and have since my oldest was a month old. Im about to start school here in August.. i have no clue how i am going to do this.. Their father is around but honestly all he does is sit infront of the computer, tv, or play on his phone.. he doesn't seem to care about cleaning up the house.. he obviously doesn't work.. and doesn't have any desire to work.. our relationship has always seemed to be rocky and very stressful.. been thru so many break ups with him.. i have so much anxiety, stress, im very irritable, i feel like running away, im quite unhappy.. im constantly angry and upset.. i cant control my emotions! the reason why im doing this is im seeking help or to see if there are other women my age in a similar position...? can anyone give me some advice? im not even sure what im asking for just really anything.!


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Well, if you moved to vegas for a 'better life', I'd think that your partner would be willing to put in some effort.

Have you tried talking with him to let him know that he's got to take some of the burden of day to day life? Because if he's not wiling to do so, I'd put him on the hooks for support, set up a visitation schedule and get on your feet without him.

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