im 5 months and my mother in law keeps kicking me out

Rossy - posted on 02/25/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am 5months and I live with my mother in law until me and her son (the baby daddy) find a place of our own.. I started noticing I’ve always had a fundamental dislike of my mother in-law, beginning well before getting married. It’s basically just a (fundamental) clash of personality, opinion, lifestyle, values, I guess… the works. She’s narcissistic, self-absorbed, dramatic and ignorant (but confident) and she often uses emotional blackmail (bullying, guilt, acting like a victim) – on her own kids… and me. I spent all day sleeping in my car because she didn't want to give us the key to the house. She spends all her time with her daughters she's never home. She came home today to let me babysit her youngest and my bf didn't know she was at the door and locked it. The girl never knocked. Well my mom in law comes in yelling to kick us out for the third time or she's calling the cops. She said I have nothing to do with it but I have to find somewhere else to stay just because.. I want to report her so bad only because she's kicked me out countless times and left me in my car sleeping and I've stressed so many times on problems she makes up in her head and I can't do it anymore... Is there anyway i can report her


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/26/2015




Well, what is your contract for living in your mother in law's home? Do you have one? or are you both sponging?

If you don't like how you're being treated, as an adult (actually TWO do have a husband) here's a suggestion: Get your own place!

You can't 'report' your MIL for asking you to leave her home. it's HER HOME. Unless you've got a written agreement, and you're paying rent, she's letting you stay for free, which (for her) is expensive. What you CAN do, if you're living there for free, is try to figure out ways to make her life easier.

Seriously, though...You both are adults. Put on your big kid undies and get your own place.

Jodi - posted on 02/25/2015




I'm assuming you are an adult and it is her house? You can't "report" someone for kicking you out of their own house (not yours) and making you sleep in your car. Why are you sleeping all day anyway?

Unless, of course, you are a tenant. Do you have a tenancy agreement and pay rent?

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