Im A 24 Year Old Mommy Of Two Toddlers, Just Recently Left There Dad

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okay so this is the first time ive ever done this but I was told by a close friend to try it and that it would help me connect with any other ladies out there going through similar or who can give me some opinions or advice, I'm 24 and I was with the father of my kids for almost 6 years it was high school love. unfortunately he got involved with alcohol and well everything went downhill from there I put up with it enough and also a lot of cheating , well about 3 weeks ago I finally left him and feel good but theres times when I miss him like crazy but I don't know if its him I miss or maybe I'm just used to being with hin. breaks my heart even more when my babies always ask wheres daddy or when can we see him, I'm just so overwhelmed, would really appreciate anyone who has some word of advice for me,


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So sorry that you're going through such hard times. What you miss of your ex is most likely the person you wanted him to be (that he had potential to be). But he's not that person, and you have to do what's better for you and your kids. You are also probably lonely and miss having someone physically close (although it sounds like he had already emotionally left the relationship). You have to realize, though, that you're better off without him.

If you have not done so, you should go to court to get legal custody of the kids for yourself, and a visitation agreement for the father. Even if he says he doesn't want to be involved, you should do this as a protection in case he changes his mind later. Then you both would know what his rights are regarding the children. You should also file for child support. He is responsible for his children, and your kids have a right to every opportunity they can get for a better life.

As far as what to say to the kids, don't bad-mouth their father, but don't necessarily lie to them either. They're still young yet, and don't need the details of your relationship. Just tell them that you and daddy had to live apart, and you don't know when they'll see him (unless he sticks to the visitation schedule).

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