im a single mom and Im frustrated that my 6 year old is acting out again

Lindsey - posted on 08/05/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




im a single mom and Im frustrated that my 6 year old is acting out again, back talking, and disrespecting me. I put him in the corner, take things away for 5 minutes when he acts up, he doesn't listen, absolutly refuses to do anything (escpecially the stuff he can do without help) or back talks and then we talk about it. I make him earn it back with an apology or helping in the kitchen or picking up his toys or somthing. I also reward good behavior and spend as much time as i can with him. he is abviously trying to communicate somthing. I just need advice on what to do here.


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Disrespect is NEVER okay, regardless of age. Personally I would say that if your child is being disrespectful then he needs to only go to school and home. No playdates or other social events until he can be respectful to you. He is old enought to be respectful for a week before he goes on a playdate. You can set up a reward system with a calendar so he can see his progress. THe reward being that he can have a friend over or go over to a friend's house. Sometimes as single mothers you feel that you have cheated your child and you need to make sure they are happy in spite of their behavior. You need to look long term. Disrespect is a behavior that will not serve him in the long run. I know an 18 year old boy who's parents split up when he was around 6 or so. HE is very disrespectful to his parents. Everyone else he is usually pretty good with but to hear him talk to his parents is SO SAD. He also treats girls disrespectfully so think of this as training for his future wife or girlfriend.

5 minutes is not long enough to make an impact. Take away something that makes sense with the behavior until the behavior improves. If that means that it is gone for 20 minutes or a week then fine, but set a limit and stick to it. Also, while saying I am sorry is good it doesn't take away what they did. Have him make amends.

Good luck!

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