im a single mum when i feel pregnant her dad lefted he came to the 7week ultrasound then went on a hoilday cheated on me..came back did every thing he could to annoy me lefted again and was in a relationship with this chic straight away my little girl on is 4month and im starting to think should i state his s the father hes not her birth cerftificate.but im worried if i do he might try and take custody of her his family is soo rude and they only care aboutt themself i want to do the right thing by her..but dnt know if it is in tha long run


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Louise - posted on 04/23/2011




This is up to you. Sooner or later your daughter is going to grow up and ask who is her father and you should tell her the truth. I think he has the right to know and he should be supporting his daughter financially. He has rights to access to this child but I very much doubt he would want custody and as for his parents well you would fight them through court to keep custody of your daughter and win. He should be on the birth certificate and your daughter should have the right to know who her father is even though he is a total jerk.

Monique - posted on 04/22/2011




he called me all these names when i was pregant on facebook even said and hasnt the daD..

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