Im a single parent of a 4 year od boy who will be 5 in april he has slept in my bed since the relationship with his father ended it was quite violent and abusive he still sleeps in my bed and was woundering if any other parents share there bed with there child this age or how the transitioned them i woud like him to be in his own bed when hes at school :)


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Amy - posted on 11/17/2012




My son is 6 1/2 and still gets into our bed on occassion. If he is on green all week at school he can sleep in our bed in Friday night, the other nights he gets into bed with us about 30% of the time. We transitioned him to his bed at 5 we would lay with him till he fell asleep and we still do, if he wakes in the middle of the night he comes into our bed usually in the morning I wake up and I'm surprised to find him there because I'm a sound sleeper.

Roberta - posted on 11/17/2012




If you still snuggle, I think it is best to continue to sleep together. If he is comfortable and likes your your closeness then definitely I would keep him close to you. As long as he doesn't mind you close to him, I would could continue to nurture him. I presume that you and him are close in bed and that you allow him to be close to you. What more would each of you want? He is yours and you are his. You should allow him to be close to you. You will both be closer as time goes by. Remember that these are the times that he bonds with you and bonding with him now will only serve to rear him as he gets older. It is better to keep him close to you now so that as he grows older he will know were his home is. Why would you want him away from you? You will only grow to appreciate him more as he gets older and he will grow to know and love you more and more as he develops. I would definetly keep the relationship and provide him with tender care in bed. Sure it may take some time but he will only grow to be more comfortable and confident as time goes by, especially as he begins to reach out with age. Knowing that he has his Mom by his side will give him the cofidence that he needs as he reaches puberty. And knowing that you were by his side all the time will make him stronger and you will be able to provide strength to him all the more. I would provide him with all the love that you can, now and going forward, both physically and emotionally. I would work not to ever end thatas long as you can maintain the relationship that way I would. Men need support and you can provide it starting now and going forward. I would claim his relationship now and require it going forward.

He and you will only benefit from it going forward. I hope this helps. .

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