im about 2 months pregnant but im feeling very strong movements is it normal so early?


Bobbi-Lynn - posted on 07/20/2013




Has anyone here had more then 4 kids? If so did u feel movement in first 3 months? I'm not sure how far yet just did home test last week and according to the calculation cycle calendar states aim between 7-8 weeks but I'm not 100% sure how far along I really am ..... This is my fifth child .....all pregnancy where different

Rosie - posted on 02/16/2010




with my third child i felt movement at around 7 weeks, but they weren't strong at all and it was only occasionally. i didn't start to feel alot of movement till about 11 weeks though. if they are really strong you're probably farther along or preggers with twins like others suggested.

Cherie - posted on 02/16/2010




i'm pregnant with my second and i am almost 14 weeks and just started feeling movement a couple days ago. 2 months is really early i think...they are just so tiny! gas feels just like baby movement and early in my pregnancy my tummy was always upset and gassy and it always felt like the baby moving but i new it wasnt.

Tamara - posted on 02/16/2010




At 8 weeks, your baby is only about the size of a rasberry. It's possible, but maybe you are further along than you realize.

[deleted account]

my second i felt earlier than my first, and my third i felt even sooner than the second! although, i do question if you are father along than you think

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Emilie - posted on 02/16/2010




I have heard that most people don't feel the baby move until 18-20 weeks, even if it is your second that don't make you feel them sooner. I have 2 kids and I never felt any movement until after 18 weeks. Gas does feel like a baby moving.

Emma - posted on 02/15/2010




thank you all for your help ive got my midwife next week were she will send me for a scan and will tell me really how far gone i am then i will get back to you all, some of you made me laugh about the twin thing as i saw a man who tells the future about twon months before i was pregnant and he told me i was having twins. so thanks all for you help

Sawsan - posted on 02/14/2010




i think its very normal and my best advice is to enjoy this feeling because later on u want like alot as it will be very painful.

Jess - posted on 02/14/2010




I don't recall feeling my daughter move that early, but i do remember feeling her move earlier than most people believed was normal. My daughter alwasy laid on my right side, and made it really easy to feel when she was rolling around. I think its possible. You may even be further along than you think ! Congrats !!!

Nicole - posted on 02/14/2010




perhaps you are having twins or more hun, that would increase the movement.
when i had my firs scan i was 10 weeks and John was jumping around and doing somersaults... so i believe it is possible that you are feeling movement so early - - it's a good thing if they are moving. it means thay are growing well and are getting good nutrision and oxygen supply! all the best - let me know if i'm right when you get your first scan :o)

[deleted account]

also if you have not had a scan very early movement thats strong enough to feel could be a sign of twins;)

[deleted account]

yes its normal.i was the other way around my first i felt moving just before 3mths not really strong but it was the 12mth scan the said she was 17weeks & thats why i was feeling movement she was bouncing and kicking in the scan lol.but she was born by my dates making her 12weeks at the scan.My second she was lazy and i didn't feel her move until after 5mths and she wasn't a mover all through the preg as well.

on my first i wasn't even 4mths and i was lying down on the sofa and i saw her come up into a lump just on one side,my boyfriend and myself were so freaked out at the time but it was amazing.she was so active throughout even the doctor said that at the 12weeks it does depend.she was so active i had bruised ribs from her kicks after she was born.people could even feel her move and see them well before 5mths.I felt her move to go head down just before 6mths it was so amazing the big swirl around i cant describe it.& i said it to my doctor and when the checked she was head down.

So yes you do no your own body whats normal and whats baby etc. so your little one is probably quite active and strong.:)which is a very good sign so don't be worried.

Stace - posted on 02/14/2010




I have heard that with 2nd babies you can feel them as early as 8 weeks. Mention it to your doctor, but I wouldn't be too worried.

Tarsha - posted on 02/14/2010




hello, i felt bubs number 4 at about 12wks...they told me because plencenta was at the the other lady said it could be gas?? they r so tiny..or maybe ur more along then u think
good luck

Sam - posted on 02/14/2010




I think that if you are very pleased to be having this baby and as you are aware, you tend to think oh I felt a fluttering but generally people don't feel any movement till about 10-11 weeks as the baby is too small for you to feel it before then.

I think tho it can be a little earlier if you are in tune with your body, but you tend to think oh i felt something but it is usually wind! But every mum is different and if you've got 4 in there then you may feel something even at this early stage lol

Good luck

Emma - posted on 02/14/2010




this is my second and not 100 percente that im 7-8 weeks cud be later but its defently the baby move ill never forget the feeling i got 1st time round

Rebecca - posted on 02/14/2010




I felt the baby heaps earlier in second and third pregnancy - but no earlier than 10-11 weeks. Before this they are just too little to feel, and it is more likely wind that you are feeling...

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