im depressed i dont want to picture him drinking & getting girls!!!

Jennifer - posted on 01/28/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




my babys dad left me 3 months ago ive been hearing hes always drunk and going to partys and im lonely at home with our son.. he tells me im fat and that imnever going to college when he knows i got a scholarship... he never graduated hs his mom told me hes out of control ever since he left me all he does is go out get DRUNK steals her credit card.. and i use to live with him but his mother was too controlling and my x and i got in a fight he talked shyt about my dad i pushed him and he hit me punched me twice i never had a guy hit me were both 18 and i left to my moms but he came to move in with me his mom soo mean behind my back talking crap she told him i thought u wanted her out why did u leave so he was home sick all he wanted was freedom and during my preganancy he cheated on me i took him back and after he dated a girl 6months thru out my pregnancy after that i took him back and than we had our son and he was faithful he loved us both very muchhh but than my birthday came up and he just left the next day my heart was broken he got me flowers and balloons and the next day leaves!!! i tired getting over him he called me at 4 in the morning putting love songs i hung up than he called again and told me he was coming over i said no! than he has keys to my home i left at his house along time ago he was sooo drunk he went to my brotghers room slapped him came to my room woke up my baby i told him to leave he said im fat im never going to college that he will be making more money than me he never graduated hs!! than a girl called him i got so JELOUSE i felt ike i was qoing crazy!!!! than my older brother had to kick him out is was 5 in the morning he was soo DRUNK i called his mom crying screaming saying why is he coming to my home drunk girls calling him! and making me feel like shyt!!! i miss him sooo fukin much idk why he left me id cook for him did hes laundry i was good to him... why did he do this too me i NEVER CHEATED im not that kind of person always faithful i miss my family :(((
im so depressed without him even though he doesn't care about me he only sees my baby 3times a month now need advise plz feeling down


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Jodi - posted on 01/28/2014




You have been apart for 3 months. What he does when he isn't with you is no longer your business. He is now his mother's problem, not yours. And no, he doesn't care for you. If he did, you would be together. But he has a right to see his child without you thinking it is about you. That's the thing about moving on. You have to stop considering that he is visiting to see you because he loves you, and see that he is actually calling to visit to see his child.

Cindy - posted on 01/28/2014




Jennifer, I can tell you that the better way to get through this is to make yourself and your baby your priority. Sounds like my husband (soon ex). He also thinks he's invincible and my little check isn't going to get us anywhere. He also has alcohol problems. You have to think of your child's safety and come to terms that the relationship is over. I've stopped crying and waiting for him to come home. I have 2 kids who ask where he is, but I just say he's working or busy. Sometimes our families turn their backs on us because we keep taking them back. Sometimes we have that hope that they'll change because they also keep coming back and begging for us and being nice. But it doesn't last, right? I got tired of that roller coaster life. Be strong!!!Pray!!! your baby girl depends on you. What do you want for her? Stability and happiness? Or stressful up and downs from her father and you when he leaves? Think about it mama...

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