Im Having A Crisis and need help!!!!

Shenell - posted on 11/22/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Please I help my Fiance had a massive stroke and is in coma with bleeding on the brain and the doctor said he might not wake up the thing is we have 2 lil girls six and eight (her bday is next month) and im also 7 months so anyway my question is how do i handle this and what do i say to them Please help me!!!!!!


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Get into family couseling NOW, don't wait. You'll need it and so will your girls. I would check with the hospital regarding Hospice. You see they're not just there for the patient but the family as well. Rely on family as much as you can. I wish you well, I wish I could do something useful for you beyond advice. Best of luck my friend.

Bobbi Jean - posted on 11/22/2012




I am so sorry. Tell your girls that he is very sick. Pray with them. They will be doing something and they do need to feel like they are doing something. If they cry, hug them. It is ok if you all cryI. The important thing is to close ranks and support each other. Do you have a friend or friends to call? If so, do it or ask to see the hospital chaplin. He or she can help you, pray with you, and might be of help as to how to tell your girls. I do not know how to advise you otherwise. I'll pray for a better answer and I will pray especially hard for you and your family.

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