Im having trouble putting my 5 year old daughter to sleep in her own bed.

Justine - posted on 01/20/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am having trouble putting my 5 1/2 year old daughter in a sleep routine. Putting her in her own bed is fine it takes her about 15 to 30 mins to put her to sleep. Her bedtime is 7.30 but she wakes up at 11pm, I then hug her and kiss her and say that it is alright whilst i walk her back to bed, about half an hour later she comes back into our bed. The second time i say 'Bedtime' without no hugs or kisses and then the third time is no response i walk her straight back to her bedroom into her bed and everytime after that i do not respond to her. I started this sleep routine about 2 weeks ago. i have a night lamp for her a reward chart a teddy bear a treat box for the next day, i also have tried baby monitors and have told her that i can hear her or anything that happens. I have pretty much tried everything possible but it has been 2 weeks and she still continues to come into my bed everynight so My question to anyone out there that can help me. I know it doesnt work over night but it has been 2 weeks and ive tried almost everything. Is there anyone out there that has been threw this or has succeded in this? Or is there any other ideas that anyone has for me? As i have googled ways to help me and also super nannys techniques as well as sleep rules. Just wanting to know if anyone has the 11pm-2am problem like i do?


Ariana - posted on 01/20/2013




Are you sure you don't give any attention at all? You don't look at her or do anything? You might want to try for 2 more weeks, it's only been two weeks, she may be hoping if she keeps doing it you'll give up.

Could she also just not be tired? Could you put her to bed at 8 or 8:30 and see if that makes any difference? Maybe she would feel more tired if you did so.

Could you lock your door? I know that sounds harsh but if you tell her beforehand she'll know and she might just give up and go back to bed. You could continue with bringing her back to bed twice and after that tell her I'm going to bed and locking my door, I'll see you in the morning, the baby monitor is on in case of an emergency then go to bed. Ignore any protest and just go to sleep (or pretend to be asleep) no matter what. Obviously you can't lock her in her room but you can lock yourself in yours.

I would try to continue with simply walking her back and stop with rewards etc (since they aren't working and probably show your trying to hard, leaving the possibility of you giving up). Plus she really should go to bed because she needs to. Continue doing that for a month and if she is still continuing to get up lock your door (while previously explaining about it).

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