Im having trouble with my sons teacher.He just started school in august and we're having trouble already.She wants him to go to school half a day I want him to go all day and I told her that but shes acting like its her decision.How do I change the situation.Its obvious I will have to go over her head.I dont trust this woman at all.She's had compaints in the past.My son Gavin is 4 years old the grade is prek.what do I have to do for Gavin to have his own aid.Let me know what yall think ladies??


Jodi - posted on 09/02/2012




Does Gavin have a disability? That is the only way he will get his own learning aid.

Other than that, has the teacher indicated WHY she thinks Gavin should only do half a day? I really think you should listen to her reasoning. After all, she may have her reasons. I am not sure what she has done to you that you don't trust her, but really, I couldn't give any advice unless I knew her reasons for suggesting half days were better. Quite honestly, if he is requiring his own aid in your opinion, then she may have a point.

Just remember, too, that all day is a long time for a 4 year old. Some 4 year olds don't cope with that. Most children here in Australia are 5 before they have to go to school all day every day, and for very good reason.


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Dove - posted on 09/02/2012




No one knows your particular kid better than you, but teachers DO know their class pretty well. If she is suggesting half day for him I would want to know what her reasons are for that. Why are you pushing so hard for full day? What reason do you have that you don't trust this woman and how can you work WITH her for the benefit of your son instead of against her?

What reason does he have for needing his own aide? I don't have any direct experience helping out kids with disabilities, but that will be the only way he gets an aide.

Personally speaking... whether half day or full day is the right fit really depends on the kid. My not quite 4.5 year old is in preschool and half a day is perfect for him. His big sister was just a few months older than he is right now when she started full day kindergarten and she did great with it.

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