im looking for help please my 20 month old son will not eat on his own..

Claire - posted on 08/12/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




...hes now refusing to go in the highchair so i sit him at a little table and put his food on their. he can sit there for a good hour and will not touch his food but as soon as i give it him he eats it... also im struggling with what foods to give him, he always been fussy he wont eat fruit at all only dried cherries,raisens,and dried cranberries, at the moment he will only eat fish fingers, nuggets,meatballs,mini beef burgers pea and carrots, he will eat yogurts but im struggling what else to give him as he is so fussy... he wont drink milk at all now either ive even put it in his pop bottle but he just doesnt touch it... also one day he will eat and the next day he will hardley eat anything just snacks.. any advice would be grateful..


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Claire - posted on 08/13/2012




thank you for your comments i will take them on board and see how i get on... the pop issue is he wont drink out of his beaker he wants to drink out of the fruit shoot bottle instaed so im trying to cut down on them... the fuit shoot is the my5 so its real fruit juice with water.. not pop as in pop pop if you know what i mean...

Dove - posted on 08/12/2012




Dried fruit is still fruit and he likes peas and carrots, so that's a good veggie. Yogurt is good for dairy... And it sounds like he's getting plenty of protein.

What snacks are you giving him? If you make his snack choices just as healthy as his meal choices... it won't matter if he only eats snacks. ;)

A pop bottle at 20 months?! As in soda? Bad, bad, bad idea. Horrible for his teeth and just plain garbage for his little body. Milk, water, and 100% juice highly watered down should be all he's drinking at this age. If he won't drink milk.... just water and he can eat the yogurt for his dairy.

I agree with 'wiseoldmom' as far as how to handle meal times. Eat together and eat the same healthy choices. Unless he has a medical issue he will eat and feed himself when he's hungry. Maybe you can even make a game out of it. You feed him one bite and let him feed YOU one bite. Then you each feed yourselves your own bite, etc....

WiseOldMom - posted on 08/12/2012




Remember, kids eat when they are hungry, just like adults. I would try to make meals fun & stress free. I would limit all snacks unless he eats at meal time. Realizing, at almost 2 years old, he is forming likes & dislikes of food. First, I would sit him at a table with me & we would eat the same things together. Most people do not like to eat by themselves, particularly kids. I would talk to him about our day, tell him how good the food is & how much I enjoy eating with him. Kids love to count & identify colors, help him count his "10 green peas" & "8 orange carrots". Use your imagination, you know what your child likes. Kids love to spend quality time with their parents. However, I had one rule, no pop!

Michelle - posted on 08/12/2012




This is going to sound mean but I would put him in his high chair whether he likes it or not and put the food in front of him then carry on with my day eventually when he realizes your not going to cave and feed him he will start to feed himself. He has learned to kick up a stink to get his own way. It really is going to be who has the most resolve that will win this one. As for eating one day and grazing the next both my kids are like this my daughter is now 3 healthy and happy and my son is 11 again healthy and happy.

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