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Melanie - posted on 01/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Look I am a teen mom basically, I turn 19 last November. I got pregant at 17, had my son at 18. He was 6 weeks early due to I sick, I had toxemia really bad they said im really lucky to be here actually. When my son turn 3 months old I had passed my first kidney stone had to go into surgery and thats when my depression started. Ever since then I had passed about 7 kidney stones at home orr in the hospital. Really hurt mr cause i couldnt take care of my son, my parents or his dad had to I couldnt help cause of how much pain I was in and all the meds. I had wisdom teeth taken out which is normal. I had to go to the hospital for major headaches due to my depression. In late November I had found out why I was in a lot of pain around my hip/groin area. I had a cyst on my ovary and had to go into surgery for that. After surgery they told me I couldnt hold my son for a month, which just made my depression even worse. I even broke down screaming and crying in the doctor office. They said i have baby blues and depression. So I am on 3 types of depresion pillsand a pill to help my stomach. I have no insurance what so ever but my son does which is good. My family and his dad have been helping take care of him, but I dont feel like their helping me. Everytime I ask them for advice or just to talk to them all I get is "idk" "you have to figure it out on your own." "well what do u want me to do about your depression?" well if i knew i wouldnt be depressed anymore. I feel like i hit rock bottom, feel like i had failed my son. also feel like a bad mother, I couldn't take care of him for the first year of his life. I just dont know what do anymore I cant talk to no one about it


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Hi, I'm emma I only joined a few days ago. it sounded awful that you felt you couldn't look after yourself or your son and you feel like no-one can understand what you're going through but when we all tell our problems on here we know that as we all mums we can all understand in a minority what we're all going through because we all know how hard it is to bring up a son turned 3 last month and I remember when he was a baby how difficult it was to look after him because i was still living with my parents at the time but none of them were physically able to help me look after my baby and my babys father lived so far away and he couldn't drive so he could only get down to help with the baby about 2-3 days a week which was hard but as time goes onthings will get easier and you will find a way to get through it.all you can do is just take one day at a time hope things geta bit easier for you soon

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