Im new this site and Im 31 trying for my first child tried the ovulation calendar thing still confused because so many dates please help

Lisa - posted on 08/29/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




hello Im 31 and my boyfriend and I are trying for our first child we've been together for 6years and now we think its time. the thing is I have regular periods which last for 6 days and I have all those apps that tell you when you're going to ovulate and each one seems to give a different day this week we've been having sex a lot and its right before ovulation the thing is with all the calendars different days when do I know which one is right and when actually to start to try try again? sorry that this is so long I just wanted to know if anyone went through or is going through the same issues and have any suggestions thank you.


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Tyla - posted on 08/29/2012




I am also trying to have a baby my second one my oldest is 2 and he was an unplanned pregnancy but now that I am trying it is proving to be somewhat difficult....they say 14 days fromt he first day of your period is when you ovulate and you do so for 2-3 days though I have 35-38 days cycles I ovulate on day 10. Sex everyday is not good for sperm count but they say sex every other day is ok. Cut out caffine and try to eat healthy it is hard to get pregnant but it is possible good luck :)

Gale - posted on 08/29/2012




I know what you mean, it wasn't till we were trying for our second child that I now understand my cycle, and thanks to first response ovulation test kit explain a really simple way, if you start counting the 1st day you period start to the next time it start it either is 21 days or 28 days (you said you were regular) so if you are 28 days like me your ovulation day is around 14 days, but if your 21 it a little earlier I suggest to try first response ovulation kit. It still might take a few month it took both my 1st and 2n, 3 month to get pregnant, good luck I hope I make sense.

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