im not actually a mother, bu my mother likes to go out atleast one night a weekend but this weekend i wanted to go out the same night (im 16), how shall we resolve this? she is a single mum and we help her, but because there are 5 children involved i think she lost the priveledge to go out as she pleased when she started having kids. Please post your opinions.

Holly - posted on 11/26/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I just need some help, figuring out which one of us is being unreasonable.

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Jodi - posted on 11/26/2013




LOL. You are 16. Unless you are the one paying all the bills and putting a roof over everyone's head, you don't get to make the rules or decide what privileges anyone gets. As a mother, she is entitled to go out sometimes. One night a week is not a big deal. You, however, need to find some respect for the things your mother DOES do for you.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 11/26/2013




If you're the kid, and you're griping because your MOTHER wants one night a week to herself, YOU, my child, are being unreasonable.

You owe the woman your life, your health, and your happiness. She only takes one night a week to herself, and I'm betting that it's more like a couple of hours, rather than an entire evening. You, on the other hand, most likely run amok unless told you need to watch your siblings.

You think SHE's the unreasonable one? You have computer and internet access. Most likely you're carrying a cell phone, most likely a smart phone, right? You assume that she owes that to you, plus more, because you're the kid. Well, honey, get this straight. YOU need to step back and let your mom have a night out. I'm sure your little friends won't all dump you in the meantime, and I'm positive that you can catch up on what you're missing in the big thrill ride that is a 16 yo social life.

Enna - posted on 11/26/2013




Fair or not, your mom has the right to do what she chooses because she is the adult.

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