im not allergic to cats,but my bf is. and now that im pg. i am allergic to cats. why is that

Celeena - posted on 12/22/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




before i was able to cuddy with them and everthing, and now that i've been pregnant, i cant even hold them with out getting a rash.. since my boyfriend is allergic is it possable to carry his gense into the baby and make me be allergic??


Christy - posted on 12/22/2010




Be careful about toxiplasmosis involving cats' feces. They scratch in the litter (or dirt) around their poo and it can get under their claws and onto you. I wouldn't touch them until after baby is born, JMO. Better safe than sorry. Not saying b/c you have a rash you have it, BTW.

Amanda - posted on 12/22/2010




No, but cute theory.

You are pregnant, therefore your auto immune system is working over time therefore things you werent allergic to before you can be now.

When you have allergies, your immune system makes antibodies that identify your particular allergen as something harmful, even though it isn't. When you inhale the allergen or come into contact with it, your immune system responds and produces an inflammatory response in your nasal passages or lungs, or causes hives to protect the skin.

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Ditto what Christy said. My doc told me to have someone else scoop the box and to never touch it or go near it. Also if you get scratched by the cat you are more susceptible to getting cat scratch fever.

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Celeena it is possible to develope allergies while pregnant. It is also possible that if you have allergies they can become severe, more mild or disappear altogether. I have allergies and when I became pregnant with my twins my allergies disappeared completely. My allergist was impressed as to how clear my skin was. Now that they are a year i'm covered with eczema but some of my allergies that I had before are gone and I have also developed some new ones. Maybe I should get pregnant again! ; )

Brigid - posted on 12/22/2010




i'm pregnant too and also hav a mild rash on my hand after rubbing my cat. but i've noticed from past pregnancies my skin gets extremely sensitive. i hav to change my moisturiser, my razors and basically anything that touches my skin to the mildest form i can find. i'm sure you'll be fine, i'd say its just due to the pregnancy and your bodies changes. good luck x

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No your skin is just more sensitive. I would brake out in a horrible rash after using my body wash as well as after having any contact to grass.

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