Im pregnant and my 10 year old daughter,Rose,Dosent want to help me around the house while her dad and older brother are gone,what should i tell her? P.S. Our house is very messy?


Sarah - posted on 05/26/2012




If she doesn't help, punish her (ground her, take privileges away). All members of a family need to work together to make a house run smoothly. Give her a list of chores that she needs to do (maybe 1-2 per day) and if she doesn't, then her tv/phone rights will be revoked. If she can make it the whole week, then take her out for ice cream. Remember to praise afterwards because it will encourage her. Things I think would be age appropriate would be doing the dishes, dusting, vacuuming, and making sure any toys are put away (clean her room), maybe fold the laundry.


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Thats something i will be doing from now on!Thank you so much Michelle!But we already had a baby boy and another boy,but she might be jellous!I'll try and talk to her when she gets back from tennis!Thanks!

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Disapline her. Take something away that she likes. If she can't help you, she don't get it back.

Talk to your husband, get him to back you up and talk to her about her not helping you. If she doesn't help there will be consequences. If my kids don't listen my kids will get disapline.

Then again...are you having another girl? If so, she could be thinking that this little girl that you are going to have is taking her place. Some children will act out because of jellousy and or thinking they are not longer the baby too. She might be acting out.

She needs to be straightened out before this baby is born, for you could have more problems after your new baby is brought home.

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Thank you so much Sarah!That was very helpful,I thinnk i will try to get a paper and pen and make a list of things she has to get donne by this week.If shes done by sunday then ill take her out!Thanks for the help!

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