Im pregnant and on methadone please help im worried sick!!!

Kelly - posted on 04/18/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi my name is kelly an im just over 8 weeks pregnant and on 60ml of methadone. I was being reduced off my meth b4 i found out i was pregnant an got down 2 55ml but as soon as i found out i was expecting the doctor stopped my reduction an put me up 5ml this week due 2 the amount of water im carrying. I had a message 2day of some1 i used 2 bother with saying she thinks that im on to much meth and that she thinks im putting my baby in danger being on 60ml an that i should reduce myself b4 i put my baby in any more danger. I was already feeling extreamly guilty 4 doing this 2 my baby in the 1st place but now my head is all over the place, i just dont know what to do for the best. I have given up smoking an coffee, im taking all my vitamins an eating all the right foods but is this enough? Im worried sick that im hurting my baby an just dont know what to do 4 the best, id b so grateful for any help b4 i drive myself complatly crazy. My baby was not planned but im over the moon im pregnant an really dont want 2 put my baby thro any more pain than i have 2. Also would breastfeeding my baby help with the withdrawels? I will do what ever i have to to make sure my baby is safe, please help guys im so lost xx

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