Im ready but kinda scared too...

Camia - posted on 03/30/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a mother of two children, one 5 and the other 4. I am now divorced from there father (thankfully) and I have been in a relationship with my boo since 2009. I have been wanting another baby and really did not expect to be a divorcee. So when all this occured, it kinda discouraged me. The good thing is now that I am dating this other gentleman, He has agreed to give me another baby. I am excited. I am more excitied about having the baby then marrying him (although I will NOT have the baby until we do). What scares me is the fact that I will then have two men that I have had children by and as much as I love him, It is kind of discouragement to me. I expected to be in the first marriage for life and did not happen that way (like most of life). I love this man with my life and he is going to be the perfect husband and father to all of our babies. He interacts well with the children he has, plus mine. I could'nt think of a better person its just the mere thought that I have two baby daddies.

One other thing that has me in knots is the fact that my mom and him do not get along. He is a no crap taking person and my mother is like most, always in your business, want you to do what she wants you to and that does not fly. She is a bit demanding and he does not care for her by any means. That will be my childrens brother/sister and my mothers grandbaby but he is not going to let my mom watch it. He does not want his baby at my mother's house for all the things that I told him and that he has expierienced with her.

Is that normal or is it my overactive mind? I am truely happy but some things just stick out when it really does not matter. Just wanna know if others have had the same thoughts. :)


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Honestly trust your instincts if there are things holding you back from commiting to another child then you two probably aren't ready and you're probably better off waiting until you're completely sure. It might be best to sort through family issues first. I know mothers can be very demanding and sometimes step out of line. But she's still your mum and has every right to be in your life and the life of your family. Don't break that tie. Sometimes there is a reason mothers are like yours either she's insecure and wants attention or she is worried about you and is just trying to be protective in her own way. I'm not saying don't do it just be sure that's all.

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I am only gonna respond to him not liking your mother. If you decide to have a child together, she will be the childs grandmother. They will have blood ties that he cannot just break. I don't think that is fair to the child or you, or your mother to have him try to keep your mother away from her grandchild. How is that right? They may not like eachother, but if you get married, they will be related, and if you have a kid, it will make her MORE a part of his life. I don't think it is right.


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