Im really depressed. My baby is very demanding and very clingy. My work life is over. My social life is extinct! HELP!!

Aamna - posted on 07/16/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a year old baby boy whose very clingy and very demanding. I obviously love him tI o bits but I havent been able to accept the sacrifices that I need to make from time to time. I need time for myself. I need time for rest. I need to meet friends. But i just dont seem to be copint up.

I happily gave a break to my work life cause i wanted to be with my child. My parents and inlaws were not around to look after him anyway. I was ok with that. But with time im begining to realize that there's much more I need to sacrifice n it makes me feel really depressed, agitated n lonely.

I went to meet my best friend who came after 2 years n all i was doing was running after my baby or calming his tantrums down. I met another friend for coffee n we couldnt talk for even 5 minutes in peace. My baby takes atleast an hour to eat one meal cause he's a poor eater n needs constant distraction. He's very clingy (it also makes me very happy 'sometimes') i cant leave him at home even when he's sleeping cuz he senses my absence n gets up in no time n throws a huge tantrum that no one can handle. I have a part time help at home whose actually little help with him cuz no one else can feed him or look after him for long. I cant talk on the phone or take shower in peace.

The more i try to motivate myself n keep calm, the more im driven up against the wall. For instance, i just made him sleep to be able to write this post, n he woke up in less than 20 minutes,

I start howling sometimes. My head, my mind, my soul feels so heavy i feel I'll go mad!!

I play a lot with my child. Cuddle him, hug him, laugh with him and teach him games. I love ity. Its just my inability to find a few peaceful moments thats driving me up the wall. Im not looking to get back to work. But i need my friends and i need time for a ten minute walk!!

I have friends whose babies are so easy to deal with. They work, they party and they also enjoy their babies.

My husband is wonderful and really helpful. But there's little he can do when it comes to our baby cuz my baby wants ME..24X7!!


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Michelle - posted on 07/16/2013




You need to go like Caryn said. Yes he will cry for a bit but he will soon learn that you will be back. Start by going for a walk, then you should be able to increase that to a shopping trip.
Your husband needs to learn how to handle him so that he can spend some time with his son on his own. It's very important for them to form a bond as well.

Caryn - posted on 07/16/2013




That certainly sounds frustrating. Have you tried a moms group? It might you a chance to talk to others dealing with similar issues while giving your son something to do. You also might try leaving your son with your help and going out to the store or somewhere. Just go! He will be okay for a little while and you will be a better mom for it.

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