im so ready to go!???

Janice - posted on 10/28/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Im a young mother of a 5 year old. I have been in my relationship for 3 years (friends for 5 years). I use to love every spending moment with my boyfriend. Lately I can't stand to be around him. I dont even like for him and my daughter to be around ea. Other .. Sad to say but I feel like I have two kids. We are relatively young but I feel im beyond my years... I am also a full time student in college. I have one year left before I am a registered respiratory therapist and I feel like my bf is continuously unsupportive and unable to understand my stress level. I am trying to balance school, being a mom, being a partner, a daughter, and a rt. How am I suppose to find balance? Something has to give! Lately he has been so into himself .. He isn't the person I use to know or love. I feel entirely insecure with him b/c he has put my down from time to time. I dont have the shiniest past but past is the past. He can't get over it and understand I am a changed person so his defense is to put me down for things I did before him. It didn't use to bother me b/c I knew I never did any wrong to him but ive come to realize he has made me very insecure, mean, and depressed. Im listing all the negative there truly are positive attributes to this man.. But im starting to question if there's enough to make me stay. I feel so lost as a person... he makes me feel invisible. Constantly catch him staring at other women... I mean I wish it was an easy thing to do when breaking up with someone but it's not... I guess im here more for a venting purpose.. I have no one to talk to abt this stuff .. Everytime I try to talk to him hell breaks loose. He can be very inconsiderate, judgmental, and cold. I love him but I feel ive reached my breaking point. A woman can only take so much and I feel ive had it.. Advice?


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Heather - posted on 10/29/2012




Do you want your child to be in a relationship like yours? That is the biggest question. You are her hugest role model and letting her watch as he treats you badly or neglectfully is only teaching her to accept that out of men. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders, how much stress would be relieved if he wasn't around? I had a relationship like that years ago and it was honestly a relief to not have to care for another child(which was all he was).

Amy - posted on 10/28/2012




Try taking a vacation from him. Can you take you kid and spend a weekend away from your partner? Kid or not, your partner should be your biggest support. Also, it can be hard, but don't be afraid to walk away. I spent 7 years with a man who didn't love me. It took me years to realize that and a few more to finally leave.

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