im sooo tired, ive been dealing with a bout of diahrea with my one year old....

Melissa - posted on 01/22/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




its been 7 days, his skin is acting up and hes waking in the middle of the night numerous times, he's allergic to milk and strawberries....i think this is another allergy im so stressed i just need some support our first allergy appointment is on the 26th


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Shanna - posted on 01/25/2010




BRAT diet

Bannana Rice Applesauce and Toast

I would take him in to see a dr. before the 26th. i am guessing its his allergist that he will be seeing on the 26th. Look at what you are all giving him maybe something changed in the ingredients that you are giving him that you don't know about. My daughter has allergies so i tottally understand! it could be an allergy but it also could be a virus! Hope you have luck! Get him to drink lots of fluids juice, water!! even juice boxes! stay away from the ones that can help diarhea

Kristy - posted on 01/22/2010




Hi i agree you need to get to a dr firstly and have him checked over. 7 days is a long time if its runny runny and not just soft, alot of people dont realise it can take up to 2 weeks for things to go back to normal. With his skin is it acting up the sense of dry and cracking?? It could be dehydration he may need a IV for a few hours or longer as it can help flush the bug in his system out. Also check his weight if he has lot any more then a full kilo i would be rather worried, even with a severe attack he lose no more then 10%of his body weight, another words if he is 10 kilos he shouldnt lose more then a kilo. I know how it can be though my little one has lost 900grams with one attack and she was only 7.7 kilos at the time. If his skin is acting up, it could be a protein allergy some dont realise that its not the milk they are allergic to but the milk protein, so you need to be watching what else he is eating as well. If its eczema try getting hold of some medicinal honey cream coat the areas in it and leave it as long as possible its best applied after a luke warm bath. I also say no soap of any sort, if you read alot of the baby books they actually tell you babies dont actually need soap at all till nearer to a year. Good luck and get to a dr or ER firstly if you havent already

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Is he still getting his fluids?? 7 days diarrhea on a one yr old concerns me. they can get dehydrated very quickly. Allergies are awful, but not always the reason for diarrhea. Does he have a fever?? Is he teething?? Thats the good age for molars to come in. Is he pulling at his ears?? Use zinc ointments for the bum and you may need to use an antifungal if zinc doesn't help. If he is not getting his fluids don't wait till the 26 to get him checked. Good luck with your appointment. Try to get some rest in the day if you can. A 20 min cat nap does wonders to your health and can help destress you a bit.

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A cool comfortable bath no soaps or creams unless told by a doctor. Get yourself and him some Hydralyte zooper dooper iceblocks they replace the electrolytes. Give plenty of water and or Lucozade to keep energy levels up and rehydrate him. When he is comfortable ask someone else to read a book to him or watch a dvd with him whilst you go have a shower wash your hair and lay down for an hour or more...don't forget that you know your baby better than anyone and if you think that himself or yourself are not coping take him to the nearest hospital and ask for help they do have doctors/specialists that they can call in to help with diagnosing dont let him dehydrate. Seek medical advice as to foods and beverages that he may be able to have... Goodluck and your obviously doing a great job..

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What worked with my little one when he was about 7 months old was rice cereal. He used to get diahrea so bad that his skin on his butt would bleed. I started giving him that and some pasta noodles. And before I knew it his stools hardened and he stopped having diahrea. Another thing that will help the little guy get kind of constipated is some potatoes french fries are a favorite of my son and baked potates. I hope this helps I know waht your going through!

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