im tired of my child's father

Sharfieka - posted on 03/10/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




me and my child's father split up final this year. I was insecure over my sexuality for years but 10 years ago I met my child's father and it all disappeared. four years in our relationship things changed over this 10 year period I have been physical abused with blue/purple marks all over my body, I have been almost raped which to me is just as well as being raped as I was molested for years in my young life and he knew about it. I was humiliated verbally abused constantly. through al this I left once. He aimed to stab me with a knife this year in front of my daughter smacked me in front of her too. And through all these happenings the stories stays the same he asks sorry and blah blah blah. 2years ago my sexual insecurities popped up again I developed strong feelings for the woman and we kissed thrice and it ended there. I told him about my feelings for her bad choice during this time I gave the option we split he said we can make it work. he said this a couple of times when I suggest we split until one night he got drunk and nearly killed me and caused my mom to fall on her head that same night I moved but moved back due to poverty and for the sake of the child ever since cumin back it got worse and worse until I finally broke up with him this year despite my financial crisis and raising a child alone. He moved but he constantly in my face humiliating me verbal abuse but worst he threatening my life and that of the woman as we friends now very good friends despite what happened. The times he threatened me its uncountable I need help urgently. getting a protective order not enough he dared me to go he said he not scared of cops. I need help urgently for my child's sake c just 5 years old and he doesn't care what he say or do in front of her.


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Michelle - posted on 03/16/2015




You need to get out ASAP, no person deserves to be abused and shouldn't put up with it at all.
You should also have filed police reports over the abuse and get the monster locked up so he can't do it to anyone else.
You need to be there for your child and you can't be if this monster kills you. Like Raye said, find a woman's shelter and run. File for custody and child support and get a restraining order on him.

Raye - posted on 03/10/2015




You need to find a crisis center in your area that helps abused women get away from their abusers. You can't go back to him "for the sake of the child", for money, or any other reason. It's not good for the child, or for you. You should not have put up with it for that long.

If you're married to this monster, you need to file for divorce and get custody and child support established for your kid. If you're not married, then just get the custody and child support set up. Definitely still get a protection order, as that will help you in court to get custody. If he hurt your mom, she should also get a protection or restraining order against him too. If you have seen a doctor for this injuries that he gave you, then get your medical records and show them to the judge. Don't talk, text or e-mail anything that can be used against you in court. Keep him updated on the well-being of his child, but don't respond to any verbal abuse. If you have texts or e-mails that show his bad temper, take that to court too.

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