Im very possessive over my husband

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I am 17 and a mother of a 1year and 10 month old girl ..i am a stay at home mom for a year now. At first i was so excited to finally leaving with him.we been together 2 years and 1 year of leaving together(3years)

I love him and my daughter with all my heart
I know he would not do me wrong and he works hard to provide for us
But i don't know how to give him his freedom.
He wants to go out with his friends on the weekends or every once in a while
But i get really pissed off i dont know why iam so insecure.
He lets me go out when i want to
But i cant do that to him
Its really hard
Also he changed a lot he's no longer affectionate like he used to

And we fight ALOT any advice on how to make my relationship more calm and loving?


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First of all, you need to change your mindset.
You do not KNOW that he would never do you wrong. There is no way for you to know that because you cannot see inside his head, and you cannot see the future. You just have to take your joy from the fact that RIGHT NOW he is treating you right.
Once you come to terms with the fact that he could leave you, cheat on you, or whatever to hurt you at any moment, you must answer this question: Do I love this guy enough to endure whatever pain I might endure if he does leave me?
If the answer is YES, you just continue to enjoy the ride until it ends. When he goes out with his friends, brace yourself for the fact that he may not come back, and just be thankful when he does come back.
(That said, it doesn't mean you always have to let him come back. If he hurts you, and you realize "Hey--this hurt and I'm not putting myself through it again just so I can enjoy the relationship when it's going well." Then move on.)
The point is, you can never tell if someone is going to hurt you or not, and you really can't ever do anything to stop them if they decide to do something you don't want them to, all you can do is hope they won't.
If you try to keep your guy from going out with his friends, he will eventual ditch you. So you can let him go out, and hope he loves you enough to be faithful, or try to keep him home and lose him altogether.

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