Imaginary friend or supernatural?

Jessika - posted on 03/30/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 4 years old girl says there is a man who comes to the house at night and bothers her and hurts her. She made very disturbing drawings. At the begining I almost got crazy thinking that she was being molested by somebody. The stuff she tells me this "skinny man" says is nothing that a girl her age would know. She says he makes angey faces at her and that he is lost and doesn't know where he lives and that people in this world are yucky. It's so hard to believe but I support her and tell her that she is safe and that she has the power to send him away. Has anybody have any similar experience?
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Raye - posted on 03/31/2015




Lucitta, I have gotten the anti-solicitation block a couple times on different threads and I have no idea why. So I keep re-wording until it accepts.

Jessika, I think there are a lot of things that we do not know or understand. Some feel children are more susceptible to these kind of experiences, but I don't know if it's more imagination or sensitivity. Maybe get a spray bottle of vinegar and tell her you're going to spray a special potion to keep the man out. Spray the doors and windows and spray a circle around the bed. See if that helps. It helped my step-son with the closet monster.

Lucitta - posted on 03/30/2015




I tried posting my similar experience 2 times now, and it won't let me. It's giving me a "by not posting solicitation or spam" message.
In short, I had the same thing. A night time visitor for 2 years. He'd climb in through my window, floating in, not climbing up the side of the hosue (2nd floor).
He got angry when I mentioned him to other people. And when my mom found a drawing of him, that night he said he'd be leaving for good as I couldn't be trusted.
On his way out, he accidently broke a vace..
The next morning I was awoken by my mom vacuuming it up so I wouldn't cut myself, and telling me not to sleep with the window open.
For more information, which I won't post publically, please message me.

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