Immature 17yr old son

Amanda - posted on 07/29/2016 ( 5 moms have responded )




Had enough...all the same as above..violent towards me and starts smashing our home up..started on my car a single mum who has put up with violence for years with his he's gome my brat has took his place..there's no help out there..and if there is they want we as parents to do a parenting course?? WHAT!!!! I've brought him up well for the last 6 yrs on my own....his behaviour is exactly the same as his fathers who we no longer see..that's one blessing...I can't cope with another 15 yrs of's not right...I find the hole situation disgusting and God help who ever he ends up with


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Sarah - posted on 07/29/2016




I agree, the next act of violence gets reported to the police. He, needs help. If you look at how he was raised to behave; he thinks abuse and violence to be normal. Both of you need help. You need to learn to put your foot down and he needs to learn to not hurt those he loves. Do you want to see him in jail for harming his future partner? Do you want him to be stripped of his potential parental rights for harming his kids? Break the cycle now! So what if it is inconvenient? Parenting classes can help you learn "how" to talk to him and what to do in case of a crisis.

Dove - posted on 07/29/2016




Why would you continue to tolerate a home w/ violence in it? Have you been in therapy? Has your son been in therapy? Living w/ an abusive father must have really messed w/ both of your heads... I also do not understand why you would have to put up w/ 15 more years of violence when he's 17.

Personally speaking... I do not tolerate any violence in my home. As soon as my kids are preteens (since my girls became bigger than me at 12... though they aren't prone to violence) my children are made aware that any legitimate violent act (like what you are experiencing) and I will call the police and press charges. Period. I will not tolerate destruction of property or assault from children well old enough to know better.

I know his father was the abuser, but you have taught your son that this in an acceptable way to behave by not shutting it down at the first sign of violence.

Michelle - posted on 07/29/2016




I'm also confused with the comment about another 15 years of being treated like that.
I would call the police if he is damaging your property for sure. He's 17, he knows better and is almost an adult. He will have to grow up and realize there will be consequences to his actions.
I also suggest getting yourself into a course to help you deal with him.

Jodi - posted on 07/29/2016




I'm confused. Your son is 17. Why would you have to put up with another 15 years? A parenting course wouldn't be a bad thing because it might give you some insight on how to handle the situation. Clearly you aren't able to at the moment, so what harm can a parenting course be? If he is still smashing things up now, can't you call the police to help you because you feel threatened?

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